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Finding an electricity plan shouldn’t be more painful than a root canal. We believe you shouldn’t have to find one at all.

At Real Simple Energy we do the work for you, finding plans that will save you the most money and dealing with electric providers so you don’t have to. Our customers pay an average of 38% less than the average Texan*.

How Real Simple Energy Works

Cost-effective electricity that’s managed, stress free, for only $9 a month.

Real Simple Energy Hassle Free Solution

$9 / month
  • First 3 months free
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  • Premium Account Management
  • Pays for itself

About Real Simple Energy

Electricity plans are so complicated even experts have trouble understanding them.

  • Our goal is simple - provide the best energy product for YOU at all times.

    We crunch a ton of data behind the scenes, simplify it, and make electricity one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Real Simple Energy is 100% independent and unbiased.

    We are only paid by you, our customers, so our incentives are completely aligned.

  • Real Simple Energy believes people should always get a fair deal on basic life necessities, like electricity.

    Bold statement, right? Unfortunately, this type of thinking is not common in the industry and most people are taken advantage of; we aim to change that.

Dont take our word for it

What real customers are saying about Real Simple Energy

About Real Simple Energy

Real Simple Energy is a mission-driven company

We believe people should always get a fair deal on basic life necessities, like electricity. Unfortunately, this is not what usually happens and most consumers are taken advantage of. We are changing that.

Our goal is simple. We make sure you have the best electricity plan, today and every day. 100% independent and unbiased. We are only paid by our customers.

Meet our Founder

Electricity plans are tricky and confusing. Even experts have trouble understanding them.

Trent Crow founded Real Simple Energy in 2015 by Trent Crow. He was an electricity trader at a major investment bank. Trent spent countless hours trying to figure out the best electricity plan by reading the tricky rate structures and fine print and building spreadsheets. But he could never confidently say he found the best deal. He thought if it’s this tough for a so-called expert, it must be nearly impossible for someone who isn’t.